Mr. and Mrs. Hemp and all the Volunteers of the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation,

I am writing you today to say how thankful and grateful we are for all that you have done for the men and women of Church on the Street.

Each program has made a lasting and positive impact on our individuals and their families.

Many of the people who come to us our from prison, the streets, as well as broken families. The items that you so freely give to each individual is truly a blessing. The items that you provide for their families and children is truly amazing!

We have never seen an organization that gives so freely with nothing expected in return. The love that each volunteer shows our disciples is overwhelming to say the least.

Many have made promises, but few have delivered, and none have delivered year after year.It seems like each program out does the last.

Your programs have brought families together who sometimes have been apart for years. The H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation makes each person who walks through the door feel special.

Thanks again for all that you and your volunteers do,

Pastors Walt and Louene Rattray
Church on the Street

Dear Heidi,

Thank you so much for the amazing way that your organization helps and encourages the students at the Teen Challenge Phoenix Center! You and your wonderful volunteers have helped these men feel loved and not forgotten.

May God continue to bless all of your efforts as you reach out to those in need. We appreciate you!


Pastor Jim Moyer, Director
Teen Challenge Phoenix

If it wasn’t for the H.E.M.P. Legacy programs I wouldn’t have even know the love of strangers for the homeless. Watching and serving for all the programs that the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation has done throughout the years really shows the great spirit of God, which we should all be walking in.

Chef John

The H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation programs have been such a blessing. Every time we’ve witnessed them we’ve seen the loving heart and attitude of giving and caring. We appreciate the Christ like characteristics that the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation’s volunteers always show.


I attended the Man Up program hosted by the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation when I was a disciple at Church on the Street. I was not only amazed at how well organized everything was conducted, but also at the quality of items that were given to all who attended. The greatest part of the program, however, was the love and encouragement given to each of us, and the enthusiasm experienced by all. The results of this program lasted for weeks after, in an atmosphere of joy and happiness at the Church on the Street.


The H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation programs have really touched my heart. Coming from a place where there isn’t a lot of love or family unity, it really shows that there are people who care and that you are loved. These programs show how God uses his children to bless the less fortunate.


H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation – I am writing you today to tell you what was shared with me. A Native American man recently shared with me how your Man Up 2014 program changed his life. Last year he said God showed him how real He was, but he still questioned how personal God was. He said he didn’t really KNOW God for himself. When he walked into the Man Up program, he said he noticed that every station he went to had his favorite hygiene product and that he knew it was more than a coincidence. He could hear God saying to him, “I love you and I want to bless you with the things you like.” He said it had really helped him to draw closer to Jesus.