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Best Day Ever reaches out to hurting women in our community. Our clients are single moms, pregnant teens, previously sex-trafficked, homeless, abused and/or addicted women who are now taking steps to improve their lives, as well as, young ladies ages 18-21 who have fostered out of the system.

Bad choices in the past does not have to mean bad choices in the future. We teach them to move out of their ”victim mentality” and we help them to assimilate back into the community.

Best Day Ever reaches out to women in our community that have experienced incredible difficulties in their lives. The women we support are veterans, single moms, pregnant teens, previously sex-trafficked girls, teenagers and adults, homeless women, young ladies (ages 18-25) who have aged out of the foster system, women with substance abuse issues and those that have been abused and who are now taking the necessary steps to improve their lives.

At this Signature Arizona Hygiene for Hope program, we inspire these women to move out of their ”victim mentality,” and help them realize that past mistakes do not define who they are today, helping them understand how to assimilate back into the community. Many of these women struggle with depression, low self-esteem, cutting, suicide, substance abuse and a lack of trust for self and others. The side effects of abuse often lead to sensitivity to rejection, as well as diminished mental and physical health. Best Day Ever provides a platform for these women to not only get the support they so desperately need but also empowers them to take the necessary actions to improve their lives.

Best Day Ever is more than just receiving hygiene items, clothing, bras, underwear, make-up and a beautiful lunch, it’s celebrating and supporting women, for who they are, regardless of their past. This is an invite only program, serving 400 blessed ladies.