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No matter where you live, there is a secret sub-community that most people see, but they try to ignore. It is the community of homeless. It’s a misconception that all homeless are drug and/or addicted to alcohol. The majority of these individuals are actually people living with mental health problems or veterans in need of support. This is the second largest, and fastest growing segment, with 30% of the population being individuals and families who are living in vehicles. Those living in cars are the newly homeless and are hanging on to the last remnants of their housed lives.

Community Projects are pup-up programs that lasts for 48 hours and happen three to four times a year and serve nearly 2,000 under-served individuals. At these community focused programs, food, hygiene products and basic necessities are handed out to those most in need.

A misconception of homeless is that they only want money and/or food. The truth is that they do need money and/or food, however new socks, blankets, water and sunscreen are also very important items.

Community Projects not only gives Arizona Hygiene for Hope the opportunity to distribute  hygiene products, food items, bottled water, blankets, and clothing but also provides Arizona Hygiene for Hope a chance to provide showers, haircuts,medical trailers and dental services to those that are most in need.