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Rock in the Schoolhouse is the program to be a part of if you love children.

Our children today have so many forces working against them, with more and more families fighting to put food on the table and trying to keep a roof over their heads it really doesn’t leave much money for basics let alone the EXTRAS.

That’s where we step in. Rock in the Schoolhouse is a chance to show love to these kids by supplying all the basics for back to school. Back packs, school supplies, haircuts, basic hygiene products, socks, shoes, underwear, as well as, an after school snack box.

One in five families do not have enough food to eat and with 48% of Arizona children on reduce or free lunch programs, it still is not enough.

For the first time in over fifty years the majority of public school students from across the country are considered “low-income”. The majority of these “low-income” children are actually considered living in “poverty.” These children are unlikely to have support at home, they don’t have access to any type of activities outside of the school and this makes them vulnerable to neglect, violence and abuse. Most drop out of school and almost none go on to college.

Rock in the Schoolhouse is an exciting day filled with music, food, fun, and each child is given a chance to SHOP TILL THEY DROP! All this happens in a loving supportive atmosphere that most of these children both crave and deserve.