The History of H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation

The H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation was started to Honor every person where they are right now, regardless of their past. We Encourage people to move forward and Motivate them to take the steps needed to be the healthy, energetic, motivated person that they were born to be. By doing this we believe that everyone Prospers.

Doug and Heidi Hemp started the H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation in 2010 with a group of volunteers who all came together to do a Christmas party to support men, women and families who had been touched by the epidemic of drug and alcohol abuse.

The first program had just over 300 individuals and families and we served close to 900 meals. We gave away sample sized hygiene items and with the help of just 25 friends, family members and neighbors we got the job done.

This last Christmas program was elevated to serve 3400 men, women and families, as well as referrals from churches, rehabilitation centers, sober houses and the homeless. We served just over 700 children from foster care facilities as well as the children from all the men and women who attended.

Our donations come from the volunteers as well as local businesses. However, most donations are from single families and individuals who just have a heart for seeing their money make a difference.

Everyone knows someone who has been addicted or has just needed a helping hand. We know the pain it causes not only the addict but also the single dad, single mom, a homeless teen, a pregnant individual who has no-one, as well as the homeless to have to ask for assistance.

The H.E.M.P. Legacy Foundation is here to empower like-minded organizations who are doing the day-to-day work among the poor and suffering in our communities. We accomplish this by partnering up with them to do large custom programs which are open doors for education, empowerment, motivation and much more.

It also allows us to equip individuals and families in our community by being able to teach them needed life skills and practical knowledge to produce the life sustaining changes needed to move on from a not so successful past.

So there you have it, we Honor, Encourage, Motivate and Prosper.

God Bless,

Doug and Heidi Hemp