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Can you imagine not having enough money to take care of your most basic personal hygiene needs?

Hygiene of Hope provides full-sized basic hygiene, essential personal hygiene and toiletries such as Bar Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Shampoo, Razors, Shaving Cream, Deodorant, Body Wash and Women’s Feminine Products, to anyone who requests them. Toilet Paper, Paper Towels, Q-Tips, Kleenex and Laundry Detergent are also among the top items requested.

Hygiene of Hope began providing for individuals and families who requested hygiene items. As the word got out, Homeless Teen Shelters, Treatment centers, Sober Living homes and Pregnant Teen facilities also started requesting help. All of the facilities that we serve have no government funding and survive on donations from people just like you. This last year we even had requests for help from the local Police and Fire Departments. We now serve hundreds of people each month.

Hygiene of Hope started out with a simple request that now requires a lot of action.