Community Project

No matter what community you live in there is a secret sub-community that most people see but they try not to, it’s the community of homeless. It’s a misconception that all homeless are drug and/or alcohol addicted. The majority are actually people with mental health problems.

The second largest, and fastest growing segment with 30% of the population being people and families who are living in vehicles. Those living in cars are the newly homeless and are hanging on to the last remnants of their housed lives.

Another misconception of homeless is that they only want money and/or food. The truth is that they do need money and/or food, However New socks, Blankets, Water and Sunscreen are also very high on the list.

A pair of new clean socks just makes you feel good and it also says that someone cares enough to give the very best. New not used is a way to open the door to conversation which can eventually lead to shelter and/or treatment followed hopefully by getting medication or the possibility the help they need in a mental health facility.

Community Project is where we are able to feed close to 150-200 homeless every Friday night. It is also when we pass out sample sized hygiene products and pre-packaged food items as well as bottled water. Blankets and Clothing are also provided to anyone who request’s them.

Community Project does two larger events each year where we are able to pass out gift bags containing Blankets, Socks, Sunscreen, Wash clothes, Bars of Soap, Toilet paper, and Clothing Items such as Jackets and shoes. This all in addition to the Hygiene, Pre-packaged food and of course the large dinner.