Best Day Ever

Best Day Ever reaches out to hurting women in our community. Our clients are single moms, pregnant teens, previously sex-trafficked, homeless, abused and/or addicted women who are now taking steps to improve their lives, as well as, young ladies ages 18-21 who have fostered out of the system.

Bad choices in the past does not have to mean bad choices in the future. We teach them to move out of their ”victim mentality” and we help them to assimilate back into the community.

Best Day Ever currently invites and serves women from rehab facilities, shelters, foster care system, homeless (some pf whom live in their cars), as well as women who are referred to us from churches, local fire and police stations, half-way houses and ALL of our clients live well below the poverty level.

There are many different types of abuse, not just “The Battered Women Syndrome” that most of us have heard about. Other types of abuse include: Physical Abuse, Emotional Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Economic Abuse, Mental Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Stalking, Cyber Abuse and even Spiritual Abuse.

What is the one thing all these forms of abuse have in common? They all lead to Depression, Low-Self Esteem, Cutting, Suicide, Substance Abuse (Both Drug and/or Alcohol), and lack of trust in others and in self. Sensitivity to rejection, as well as diminished mental and physical health.

Best Day Ever honors these women where they are right now and by doing this we are able to establish the value they so desperately need. By encouraging them to look beyond their past we can raise self-esteem. Best Day Ever is then able to motivate these ladies to reach for the goals and dreams that they once had. Which then gets them to expect respect from themselves and from others. Best Day Ever focuses on prosperity where our clients start to realize it’s more than money - it’s a way to succeed in all areas of their lives.