Christmas with a Cause

Christmas with a Cause was originally a Christmas dinner for men and women in a Rehabilitaion center. The Holidays are the number one time of year for stress and anxiety eventually leading to relapse and/or possibly suicide. Our first dinner was planned for 306 residents and we ended serving just over 900 meals. Homeless from off the street showed up and from that time on we realized that we were really on to something.

Christmas with a Cause is now a full-fledged Christmas Extravaganza that you have to see to believe!

We now work with multiple Rehabilitation Centers, Half-Way Houses, Sober Living Facilities, Teen Pregnancy Agency’s, Children who have fostered out of the system (18-21 year olds now with nowhere or no one),as well the homeless in the greater Phoenix area. Additionally we reach out and serve individuals and families who live well below the poverty level. We also get referrals from Churches, as well as, both the local Fire and Police stations.

Christmas with a Cause now serves anywhere from 3000 – 5000 at each event. (Last year’s event we served 4100 adults and 700 children.) Because we work all year round with these agencies we are able to form long lasting relationship with our clients. This assures that only the most deserving will be in attendance.

Christmas with a Cause is set up like a Shopping Mall with 20 – 25 stores to shop in. Once the families and individuals arrive they receive a credit card and they then enter a doorway into a Holiday right out of their dreams. With all the music, shopping and excitement it’s easy for everyone to forget their problems, relax and enjoy the day.

Everyone knows someone who has shown up to Christmas with nothing to give. The shame and despair on their face tells a story of regret and failure. The self-esteem that’s created by being able to give a gift that no-one in the family, paid for you to give, is immeasurable. We supply gifts for Parents, Grandparents, Siblings, Spouses and Children. (If they have a Child who lives out of state we also do the packing and pay for the shipping of the gifts.)

Everyone who attends Christmas with a Cause shops for Clothes: Shirts, Pants, Suits, Dresses, Coats, Shoes and even New Socks, Underwear and Bras.

Our Hygiene store includes: Shampoo, Soap, Razors, Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Body Wash, Q-Tips, Deodorant, Sanitary Products and so much more.

We have a Gift wrap shop to wrap gifts at, as well as a Christmas Card Shop to send out the Holiday Christmas cards. (All postage is also paid by us).

We also have an area called "Candy Cane Lane” this is for Children ONLY. All kids can enter and do Shopping for everyone in the family as well.

We have a Coffee Shop, a Bakery and of course a Christmas Feast like no other.

Our Family Photo Lab is a place to capture the excitement of the day and to start moving out of the past and into the future. Christmas with a Cause has so many stories of Families being reunited, Indivuals turning their lives around, Parents breaking down from the overwhelming feeling of gratitude, Children Yelling with EXCITEMENT and also so many broken people who now realize that someone cares and that it’s not just words but unselfish acts of kindness. Serving at this event is really serving yourself. I can’t really explain Christmas with a Cause, all I know is that it is life changing for both the volunteers and those who attend.

We have Pastors and Ministers who are available for one on one prayer for individuals, families, teens and children who are looking for just a little bit more out of the day.